Romantics Anonymous (France)

2010; 1 h 20 m; PG-13 for mild language and suggestive content

A surprise hit in France, this delectable comedy tells the story of Angelique Delange, an unemployed but gifted chocolate-maker with a lifelong case of uncontrollable shyness that prevents her from properly sharing her confectionary talents. Jean-René Van Den Hugde suffers from a similar case of terminal abashment and runs a fledgling chocolate company in desperate need of a new direction. When Jean-René hires Angélique as the new sales associate, the two nervous Nellies must face their deepest fears. With the chocolate business hanging in the balance, they are forced to fess up to their hidden sweet affections for each other.


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Where to Watch:

Available for free with ads on Tubi, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. It’s also available through the Carroll County Public Library system.

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