2024 Foreign Film Festival

Fridays in February
Screenings for each film at 1pm and 7:30pm
All screenings are captioned

$8 Adults/$6 for ages 60+ and under 25

$21 – 27 Series Subscription — must be for either all the matinee or all the evening showings

Sponsored by JeannieBird Baking Company

Every February, the Film Lovers in Carroll County (FLICC) select four international films that broaden our view of cinema. This year’s films immerse audiences in new cultures and stories, from South Korean childhood sweethearts reuniting, to a father witnessing prejudice in a remote Transylvanian village, to a single mother’s tense Paris transit journey, to a young girl called upon to teach in rural China. See one, see a few, or see them all with a series subscription!

Check out this year’s fascinating foreign films: