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Free Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Show

The Nu World Art Ensemble shares the stories and rich cultural contributions of Africans and African Americans through song, dance, and theatre in “Standing on the Shoulders of our Ancestors!” Conveying the terrible struggles and powerful triumphs throughout history, and with the goal of inspiring ethnic pride, Nu World educates and entertains while giving youth the opportunity for a hands-on, interactive experience. Young audiences gain positive cultural awareness from this unforgettable arts performance.

Runtime: 45 minutes

The Nu World Art Ensemble is the youth-driven touring theatre company of WombWork Productions. They provide culturally and spiritually-based instruction in vocal and dance techniques, writing, psychodrama, meditation, and Native American and African songs and rituals. Nu World creates riveting and insightful theatre productions based on the life experiences of its young participants. Students also gain experience in leadership and community outreach, improving their sense of self-worth and inspiring them to become an integral part of positive change.


FREE – No tickets required

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