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Celebrate the Holidays

Bring the whole family to this afternoon of FREE shorts celebrating Native American Heritage Day and the holiday season.

This program consists of five shorts from the National Film Board of Canada’s Indigenous Films in the Classroom program followed by the Disney short, Prep & Landing.

3pm – Indigenous Shorts Program

The Mountain of SGaana (10 min.) – Christopher Auchter
Inspired by an old Haida fable, this is the magical tale of a young man who is stolen away to the spirit world, and the young woman who rescues him. The film brilliantly combines traditional animation with formal elements of Haida art. The Haida are an indigenous group who have traditionally occupied Haida Gwaii, an archipelago just off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods (8 min.) – Phyllis Grant
This animated short tells the story of Maq, a Mi’kmaq boy who realizes his potential with the help of inconspicuous mentors. The Mi’kmaq are a First Nations people of the Northeastern Woodlands, indigenous to the areas of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces.

Dancers of the Grass (2 min.) – Melanie Jackson
This short film presents a stunning display of a stop-motion animation as it vividly depicts the majesty of the hoop dance, a tradition symbolizing the unity of all nations.

If You Want to Get Married…You Have to Learn How to Build an Igloo! (5 min.) – Allen Auksaq
In the spirit of the 1949 NFB classic How to Build an Igloo, this short film records Dean Ittuksarjuat as he constructs the traditional Inuit home. From the first cut of the snow knife, to the carving of the entrance after the last block of snow has been placed on the roof, this is an inside-and-out look at the entire fascinating process.

The Bear Facts (3 min.) – Jonathan Wright
In this charmingly animated and humorous re-imagining of first contact between Inuit and European, a self-important colonial explorer emerges from a sailing ship and plants a flag on the Arctic ice, as a bemused Inuit hunter looks on. It’s the story of a savvy hunter and the ill-equipped explorer he outwits.

3:45pm – Disney’s Prep & Landing
2009; 30 min.

Veteran elf, Wayne, gets a new rookie partner, Lanny, after his previous partner got the promotion he wanted. Lanny has to remind Wayne of the Spirit of Christmas and the importance of being an elf in Santa’s Prep and Landing elite unit.


FREE – No tickets required

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