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Be transported through the history of ballet with Ballet Embody at this Lecture Demonstration Performance. The immersive experience will deepen audiences’ understanding of ballet’s rich heritage and rekindle a love for dance. From the elegant movements of bygone eras to the innovative choreography of today, audiences will learn and try basic movements that differentiate eras of ballet history.


Madison Bonvissuto Ryan, Melissa Lineburg, Max Maisey, Jessica Markiewicz, Maya Richard, Emily Runkle


Ballet Embody is Maryland’s premiere contemporary ballet company located in Carroll County. Co-founded in 2019 by Emily Runkle and Melissa Lineburg, Ballet Embody produces original classical and contemporary works.

“We believe that encouraging our own dancers to embody each work through their unique artistry results in -happy- dancers with developed intuitions.”


$18 Adults
$15 Ages 60 and Over, Ages 25 and Under
CCAC Members get additional 10% off

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