Natura – Archived

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Natura (May 8 - June 24, 2023) Artistic inspiration can always be found in the beauty of nature. This exhibit’s artists have found such inspiration for their works, from breathtaking horizons and colorful flowers, to woodland animals and strong trees. [...]

Meticulous – Archived

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Meticulous (July 10 - August 26, 2023) It’s all about the details in this local artists exhibit! Go beyond realism with this showcase of meticulous talent. Using graphite, colored pencil, oil pastel, and more, these four artists produce stunning, [...]

16th Annual PEEPshow Winners

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2023 PEEPshow Winners & Awards Click on entry title to see photo Audience Favorite Award winners (determined by in person and online votes combined) 10th Place with 3,000 total votes, “PEEP-A-Doodle” by Peggy Petenbrink 9th Place with 3,243 total [...]

Okatvec – Archived

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Oktavec (January 16 - February 25, 2023) The Painted Screen Society of Baltimore presents a show that highlights the unique art form of screen painting. The technique was first introduced to Baltimore by William Oktavec, a Czech grocer, in [...]

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