2023 PEEPshow Winners & Awards

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Audience Favorite Award winners (determined by in person and online votes combined)

10th Place with 3,000 total votes, “PEEP-A-Doodle” by Peggy Petenbrink
9th Place with 3,243 total votes, “Aww…Not the Peeps!” by Samantha and Avery Kropff
8th Place with 3,376 total votes, “The Good Ship Lolli-PEEP” by The Residents of Homewood at Plum Creek
7th Place with 3,461 total votes, “PEEPbra the Rare Zebra” by Taylor, Ava, Aiden, Glenn, and Annette Maughan
6th Place with 3,638 total votes, “Chesapeep Bay Bridge” by Nancy Schoenfeld
5th Place with 3,860 total votes, “OrangaPeep” by Lara King
4th Place with 4,221 total votes, “This Episode is Called ‘Peep’” by Patrick, Stephanie, Charlotte, and Savannah Livesay
3rd Place with 4,465 total votes, “Octavia the Octopainter” by Westminster Paint
2nd Place with 5,550 total votes, “Vend-O-Peep” by The Myers Family
1st Place and Grand Prize Winner with 6,600 total votes, “PEEPnocchio” by Kelly Soverns

Top Video Award

“Peep Noir” by Andrew Coffee

Sponsors’ Choice Award winners (selected by our event sponsors)

Carroll County Maryland Office of Tourism: “A ‘Peepsfull’ Breakfast” by Carroll County Senior Inclusion Program
Just Born, Inc.:  “Let’s Go to the Hop” by The Wiles and Ingallina Families
Ben Rogers of Edward Jones Investments: “Peeplotte’s Web” by Katie and Abby Renehan
TownMall of Westminster: “Eugene Krabs” by MVHS FBLA
MultiCorp Commercial Cleaning Services:  “Abby’s Peeps of Courage” by Abby’s Carts of Courage
ACNB Bank:  “Boba Tea” by Annabelle Baier, Gryffin A., Liliana G., Landon A.

Artistic Excellence Award winners (selected by CCAC staff)

“Our Lady of Guadalupeep” by Hilary Christian
“Peeps First Contact” by Daniel Severe and Fvamily
“CORK, CORK, PEEP!” by Double Diamond Construction
“Little Bo Peep” by McKinzie Lefstein
“The Drumming Peepshow” by Clients and Staff of the Arc of Carroll County
“Our Margarite” by P.E.O. Chapter A.I. – Eldersburg, MD
“Mallow-Go-Round” by Kristen Christy
“Who R U?” by Angel Jarrett
“Chip” by Brady Katzenberger
“We Are Carroll…Peeps!” by Jaclyn Mathias

There were 8,212 pom poms in the “Guess How Many” exhibit. The winner was Kathy Jackson who guessed 8,032.

There were 4,620 popcorn kernels in the “Guess How Many” exhibit at PEEPs Movie Day. The winner was Toby Fisher who guessed 4,723.

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