2022 PEEPshow Winners & Awards

Audience Favorite Award winners (determined by in person and online votes combined)

10th Place with 1682 total votes, “Crabby Peeps of Maryland” by the Senior Inclusion Program
9th Place with 1785 total votes, “Peepalotls” by Montessori School of Westminster Students
8th Place with 1828 total votes, “Mac Peeps” by Maren and Morgann Lyon
7th Place with 2115 total votes, “Peepabel of Peepcanto” by Kelsey Taylor
6th Place with 2219 total votes, “Peepball Wizard” by Nancy Schoenfeld
5th Place with 2318 total votes, “Octopeep” by  The Myers Family (Justin, Jen, Connor, and Jacob)
4th Place with 2872 total votes, “Major Award” by Angel Jarrett
3rd Place with 2878 total votes, “Scottish Peepland” by Lara and Jacob King
2nd Place with 3221 total votes, “HONEYPEEP” by  Amy Hott
1st Place and Grand Prize Winner with 4814 total votes,  “Something’s Wrong with That Boy’s Medula Oblongata” by Christian Twamley

Sponsors’ Choice Award winners (selected by our event sponsors)

Carroll County Maryland Office of Tourism: “Scottish Peepland” by Lara and Jacob King
Quantum Internet and Telephone: “Every PEEP Deserves a Home” by Carroll County Dept. of Social Services – Foster Care and Adoptions Unit
Ben Rogers of Edward Jones Investments: “The Peep of the Mist” Sam Bog
TownMall of Westminster: “Friendly Foxy’s Peeptime Frolic” by Rhett Kirsch
Just Born, Inc.:  “The One with the Peephole” by The Phillips Family (Mike, Andrea, Elias, Noah, & Lily)
MultiCorp Commercial Cleaning Services:  “Peep Pantry” by Coalition Against Prejudice

Artistic Excellence Award winners (selected by CCAC staff)

“The Princess and the Pea-p” by JoAnna Crone
“A Tisket, A Tasket, A Peep in a Basket” by Kristen Christy
“PEEPS: Just Born This Way” by Karen Suzanne Daniel
“Where’s the Peep?” by Helen Sheppard
“The Pied Peeper” by McKinzie Lefstein
“Derivative: It’s Always Sunny in PEEPsadelphia” by Amber Maurer Farran

There were 4,896 jelly beans in the “Guess How Many” exhibit. The winner was Fiona King who guessed 4,900.

The debate over whether Peeps® are better ‘fresh’ out of the package or on the crunchier ‘stale’ side has been decided – the winner is FRESH by a margin of $23.54.

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