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Carroll Community College Exhibition

Rite of Simulation is an interdisciplinary exhibition investigating relationships between animism, contemporary technology, and the chosen methodologies and mythologies by which we live. Frantic attempts to communicate sacred thoughts and truths are paired with 3D-printed facsimiles of forms found in nature. Monochromatic drawings that are reminiscent of ancient carvings feel romanticized and ritualistic, but offer no directly discernible real-world entry point. Pixelated images created via software reflect ideas lost in translation, leaving one in search of the connective tissue between natural and artificial, organic and constructed, then and now.

Troy Holleman is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Philadelphia, PA. He has an MFA in Photography with a certificate in Teaching in Higher Education from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. His work has been exhibited regionally along the east coast as well as in China. Most recently, Holleman was awarded a development grant to acquire an electroencephalography sensor for measuring brain waves in real time for utilization in his work in interactive and technology based art.

Troy Holleman may be found online at @troydutch on Instagram and www.troylholleman.com.

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