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Barrier-Free proudly presents a double-feature theatrical extravaganza where comedy and romance blend in perfect harmony!

Act I, Café Catastrophe, serves up a heartwarming brew of laughter and chaos, where the grand opening of Jitterbug Café spirals into a frothy mix of hilarity. Then, in Act II, Love Unscripted, the spotlight shifts to a reality TV show where unscripted romance and unexpected plot twists brew a tale of drama and dark humor. Don’t miss this unique back-to-back performance that promises a night filled with laughter, love, and a dash of the unexpected—where every moment is a surprise, and every sip of story is savored.

Barrier-Free is a distinguished 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of neurodivergent adults through a unique blend of inclusive art, self-advocacy, and social programming. At the heart of our mission lies our inclusive theatre companies, which embody our commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity.

Our innovative multi-step approach invites individuals of all abilities to collaborate in a creative and supportive environment. Together, participants embark on a journey of artistic exploration, culminating in the creation of original one-act shows. These productions, performed at the end of each season, are not only a testament to the talents and capabilities of our participants but also serve as a vibrant celebration of inclusion and community.

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