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How to Actually Make Money With Your Music

The Cadence Labs is a music industry series presented by PopRiot Music Group which focuses on how working musicians can thrive and make money in a post-COVID world. We cover topics like business and music industry essentials; utilizing streaming platforms in order to complement live shows; advertising/marketing; and how musicians can alter their perspective on products to actually make money.

The goal of The Cadence Labs is to empower the musician by offering a full understanding of the business of music, marketing, and sales, so that they can create a path that reflects their desires and brand. Each session will flow into each other, each subject building upon itself to ensure that you understand the value of your music and how to do that to practice. Each class will run 90 minutes of lecture with 30 minutes of Q&A at the end.

When you attend this 3-part series, you will receive:
-practice work
-summary PDFs, and reference sheets for every class.
-One (1) FREE 30 minutes consultation with PopRiot Music Group (one per person)
-Come to one, two, or all three sessions!

Session 1: Your music is a business
Saturday, 4/1 @ 1pm in the PNC Rehearsal Hall (Room T404)
Your music endeavor is a business. As such, we will cover the foundation of any business by reviewing:
– How to establish the purpose, profile, and concrete goals of your music business
– The formation of legal entities and why it’s vital for your music
– Roles of people in the industry, differences between them (example: manager vs agent)
– Branding, emotion, and money and how that starts with the fundamentals of business

Session 2: Branding, Marketing, & Advertising
Saturday, 4/8 @ 1pm in the PNC Rehearsal Hall (Room T404)
We move to branding, marketing, and advertising:
– Branding and how it is exceptionally necessary and powerful
– What exactly is marketing, why is it important, and how it is different than advertising
– How to set up effective ads that result in gaining fans & making money
– Behaviors of different social media platforms and how to best use them

Session 3: Sales & E-Commerce
Saturday, 4/15 @ 1pm in the PNC Rehearsal Hall (Room T404)
Sales & E-Commerce. The meat and potatoes. How can we take everything we’ve learned in the last 2 sessions and make money?
– Now that we have acquired data from the campaigns in Session 2, how do we convert them to money?
– How to best utilize different social media platforms for sales (TikTok, IG, FB) and the differences between them
– How to maximize sales at shows
– Turning a release into profit

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