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Carroll County playwright Jeff Dunne is directing his sixth play, “Hellbent”, at the Laurel Mill Playhouse on Fridays (8:00 pm), Saturdays (8:00 pm), and Sundays (2:00 pm) from October 14th through October 30th. “Hellbent” is fast-paced comedy about a trio of friends accidentally summoned down into the depths below by a cadre of quirk, incompetent demons – Ophistopheles (demons responsible for the photocopier breaking down when you are in a rush), Inubeth (demoness responsible for bad dating decisions), and Ahmenahmenon (responsible for making dieters cheat on their diets in the middle of the night). Joined by Fezdemona (the demoness responsible for hat-based suffering), it soon becomes revealed that something nefarious is afoot that must be sorted out before “Uncle Louie” gets personally involved.

Come join us for non-stop laughs with a side of Brimstone and Vinegar potato chips!

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