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Artisan Advantage’s Foundations Program – Session #2

Artists hear all the time that people love their work. But, then, why don’t more sales follow? The following questions often come to their minds: Who will buy this work? Where should I be selling? Where should I put my work online? The key to answering these questions is identifying the ideal audience for their work.

Artists will learn what finding a target audience means for a visual artist and why it is essential to sales. This presentation lays out a four-step process that artists can use to find and grow an audience of collectors, fans, and followers for their work.

Each presentation includes speaker notes and handouts that artists can use afterward to apply what they learn.

Artisan Advantage’s Foundations Program guides artists through setting up a manageable system that can serve as the basis for a thriving art business.

Teacher Bio: I’m Becky Sciullo, and I help visual artists sell their work using a system I developed helping my father, artist Robert Yonke, start and grow his business. Working with him then led to working with other creatives through an Artist Boot Camp in the Pittsburgh area. I enjoy helping visual artists and creative businesses through group programs and individual consulting. I will help you set up an art marketing system that connects you directly with an audience interested in your work.

This is an online class using Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent via email by the instructor prior to class. 

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