Call for Actors

The Carroll Playwrights are looking for actors to be in short one act plays written by local playwrights. Actor safety will be our main priority for all rehearsals and performances.

Your talent will help these playwrights further hone their work!

Email Lindsay Sier to express your interest or ask questions!

Play Descriptions

A Wall, A Ball & An Umbrella by Jean Burgess
A Wall divides two lonely kids, who have been indoctrinated to distrust. They slowly learn to look at each other through a new lens – creating a new community of two – despite the barrier between them.
Characters: Two children, age 7, any gender/ethnicity
Looking for college-aged actors, who can play with youthful energy and vocalization, but still capture the hurt of loneliness and isolation.

The Community by Tina Hoff
A one act play about what happens when people plan the perfect community, and then try to live in it, together.
Characters: Six adults of varying ages, any gender
Leader — leads the monthly Community meetings
Doris & Bob — middle-aged / long-term residents of the Community who wrote the “book” on community living
Newman & Nancy — new inductees into the Community
Daniel — a single guy living in the Community, questioning that decision

Presently Untrue by Ira Domser
A five minute play about the importance of knowing the truth about the past. It involves a rehearsal of a play written by a college student to complete a playwrighting class assignment.
Characters: 3 college aged students, any gender to play 2 roles each

Being Authentic by Jeff Dunne
A one act play exploring what might happen when an ant stops conforming to the colonies traditions.
Characters: Two female and two male actors, any age/gender
Anthony –  The lead ant, more experienced and generally more level-headed. If there’s a conflict, he’s the ant that’s most likely to help get things moving in the right direction again.
Antonella – An impatient ant who thinks she is in charge, the end-all-be-all of the ant world, and that all the other ants want to be just like her. Which is understandable, because aside from Sandy, they generally are. After all, they’re a bunch of ants.
Antonio – A more hot-headed ant, a real drone among drones. Always does what he’s supposed to, and not comfortable with anyone who messes with the status quo.
Sandy– A truly unique individual, which is not an endearing trait amongst ants. She’s stubborn, but willing to pay the price of nonconformity, at least up to a point. She’s also, in comparison, quite intelligent.