2021 PEEPshow Winners & Awards

Audience Favorite Award winners

In Person Votes:
5th Place with 2258 votes, “So Glad to PEEP You Again” by Joe Hamilton
4th Place with 2734 votes, “Peepwood Derby” by Cub Scout Pack 417
3rd Place with 2773 votes, “PeePachu” by Karen Hillman
2nd Place with 4762 votes, “Peep-ola Jukebox” by The Myers Family – Jen, Justin, Connor, & Jacob
1st Place with 5170 votes, “Elvis Peepsley is in the Building” by Kelly Soverns

Online votes:
5th Place with 514 votes, “Nurse of the PEEPle” by Karen Talbot, Stephanie Livesay, Charlotte, & Savannah Livesay
4th Place with 546 votes, “Humpty Peep” by Vanessa Leuthold
3rd Place with 559 votes, “Peeps Around the World” by KT World Communications (Katie Conover Marinello)
2nd Place with 1467 votes, “The Flying Feet Running Program” by Jayde Kelly, Jayde Elliott and Sara Elliott
1st Place with 1826 votes, “Elvis Peepsley is in the Building” by Kelly Soverns

Grand Prize with 6996 Total Votes (combined 5170 in person and 1826 online), “Elvis Peepsley is in the Building” by Kelly Soverns

Sponsors’ Choice Award winners

Carroll County Maryland Office of Tourism: “Emily Kate PEEP cake” by Emily, Jameson, and Connor Utz
Quantum Internet and Telephone: “The Peeples Wagon” by Nancy Schoenfeld
Ben Rogers of Edward Jones Investments: “Soccer Foosball Peeps” by Ben Miller & Blake Michael
TownMall of Westminster: “So Glad to PEEP You Again” by Joseph Hamilton

Artistic Excellence Award winners

“Fun House Mirror” by The Duncan Family
“The Claw” by Brice R. & Ella W.
“PEEPshire Cat” by Lara King
“Straw, Sticks, Bricks and Chicks” by Kristen Christy
“Famous PEEPs of History” by John Fique Illustrator

There were 6612 jelly beans in the “Guess How Many” exhibit. The winner was Jeannette Noel who guessed 6599.

The debate over whether Peeps® are better ‘fresh’ out of the package or on the crunchier ‘stale’ side has been decided – the winner is FRESH by a margin of $9.71.

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